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24 Oct 2023

BAMSI Launches "One 2 One" Tree Planting Campaign

Nassau, Bahamas, October 24 th , 2023 - Nassau, Bahamas - The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institut(BAMSI) officially launched its 'One-2-One' Tree Planting Campaign on Monday, visiting three senior schools in New Providence. The ambitious venture, whichwill cover New Providence and the Family Islands, will see BAMSI plant one fruit tree for every Bahamian in green spaces and public parks over the long term. During the initial roll-out however, BAMSI will plant a tree in one school in every constituency throughout October and November,said Senator, the Hon. Tyrel Young, Executive Chairman of BAMSI.

Explaining the objective of the campaign, which was launched in honourof World Food Day, Mr Young said it will help tackle the nation’s food security and sustainability issues in an environmentally consciousmanner. The campaign also sheds light on sustainable practices in agriculture, the devastating plight of food insecure communities across the Bahamas and the struggle many Bahamians face in accessing nutritious, whole foods.

As part of the tree planting initiative Chairman Young was accompanied by the Member of Parliament for each of the constituencies. The Hon.Zane Lightbourne supported the effort at Doris Johnson Senior HighSchool, H.E. Leslia Miller-Brice supported the effort at C.I. GibsonSenior High School and the Hon. Bacchus Rolle supported the effort atC.V. Bethel High School. The initiative seeks to instill a sense ofecological responsibility and inspire Bahamian youth to activelyparticipate in agricultural and conservation efforts. The fruit treesincluded mango, avocado, sugar apple and guinep.

The first Family Island earmarked for the tree planting project is CatIsland, with BAMSI's visit scheduled for later this month.Chairman Young expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "The 'One 2 One ' Tree Planting Campaign serves as a critical step inreinforcing our commitment tosustainability and fostering a greenerfuture for the Bahamas. By encouraging every citizen to partake in thisinitiative, we aim to build a strong foundation for environmental stewardship and ensure a healthier ecosystem for generations to come."The campaign has garnered widespread support from local communities, schools, and environmental organizations, signifying a collective effort to support food security.

With the 'One 2 One' Tree Planting Campaign underway, BAMSI and its community partners remain dedicated to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, emphasizing the vital role each individual plays in nurturing a more sustainable, resilient and food secure nation.

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