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Completion of academic requirements does not automatically qualify a student for graduation. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for graduation. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors to ensure that they are on track to successfully progressing towards their degree requirements.



Graduation application December 16th, 2022

For questions regarding graduation contact 329-1700
The Office of the Registrar


Graduation Requirements

In order to be eligible for Graduation Exercises the following criteria’s must have been meet:

    • Submit a graduation application form to the Registrar’s Office by the date specified on the academic calendar.
    • Pay the applicable graduation fee
    • Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above
    • Achieve a minimum of 2.0 average in their major courses
    • Achieve a “C” or above in their major courses
    • Have no financial obligations to the college and show proof of financial clearance from the Business Office
    • Complete all academic courses within the semester in which they have applied to graduate.


How to apply?

  1. Complete Section A of the Graduation Form and attach the unofficial transcript.
  2. Submit the Graduation Form with the unofficial transcript to your Advisor. Your Advisor will complete Section B of The Graduation Form and attach a completed copy of your advisement form to it.
  3. Once the Advisor is completed, the form they would forward and for review.
  4. Pay $100.00 Graduation Fee and $150.00 for graduation regalia package.
  5. Submit the signed graduation form and proof of payments to the Registrar’s Office on or before the December 16th, 2022 deadline


Cap and Gown


All graduates are expected to wear full academic attire in keeping with custom at commencements of recognized institutions of  higher learning. Academic apparel has been tradition for  hundreds of years and is governed by a generally accepted code.

The Cap:

The mortarboard or beret is black. The tassel is worn on the right side
of the mortarboard until the degree, diploma and/or certificate is actually conferred; then the tassel is worn on the left.

The Gown:

The gown is black. The Associate gowns are accented with stoles.

The Cord:

The gold cord is worn by candidates graduating with distinction. The cumulative grade point average required for the award of distinction is 3.51 - 4.00

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