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Admission to college is the first step in a new, cooperative experience, and our Admissions staff is looking forward to assisting you in your educational endeavors.

BAMSI has an open admission policy, which means a student needs to hold a high school diploma or equivalent to get started on this exciting journey toward your degree. Don’t have the prerequisites? Not a problem, we have college prep program and other academic upgrading options.

Maybe a degree is not your thing. That’s ok too. We have numerous certificate programs, online courses, and professional certifications to choose from. We are sure that there is something here for you.

BAMSI accepts applications on a rolling basis. However we do encourage you to apply with ample time to ensure you secure your spot with us. 

Admission to the Institute is open to persons who meet admissions requirements. Applicants may be considered for one of the following programmes:
  • Associate Degree
  • Certificate
  • Upgrading
  • Online
  • Other Institute offerings


The Admissions and Recruitment Department is responsible for:

  • Recruiting the next BAMSI BOAR!
  • Working with students through the application process to determine the best program for their success
  • Processing, accepting and enrolling students in their programmes of study
  • General registration and records management
  • Connect students with additional resources for placement testing, grants, housing and more!


Anyone registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours and/or 4 or more courses per semester during the Fall and Spring semesters and 6 or more credits during the summer semester

Anyone who is registered for less than the minimum course requirements

A student who has not completed any college-level courses and who wishes to enroll in a degree program at BAMSI. Welcome to Boar nation! Begin your pathway to success by applying today!

A student who has completed college-level courses at a recognized higher education institution and who wishes to enroll in a degree program at BAMSI

BAMSI evaluates the transcripts of transfer students to determine equivalency with its own program and requirements for graduation. Please note that,depending on the program of study,there is a limit to the number of credits that may be transferred or the number of exemptions that may be granted. Transfer applicants must be in good academic standing at the previous institution, submit official transcripts completed at a tertiary level institution, copies of syllabus/course outlines for courses completed and complete a credit transfer request form. Please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

A student who began studies with BAMSI, but has applied for absence from the Institute for two or more consecutive semesters; orA student who has completed studies with BAMSI and returns to complete another program.Welcome back! We missed you.

You will need to complete a re-admission application to update your information and eligibility to register for courses.

Didn’t do too well the last time you were here? Not a problem, contact and ask about our Fresh Start Program.

The submission of a readmission form does not guarantee re-entry into BAMSI.

A student who is interested in earning credit for specific college-level courses without registering for a full degree program. For example, if you currently attend another college or university and wish to enroll at BAMSI for a few courses to then transfer courses back to your college. Such students enjoy the same privileges and responsibilities as other students and are also required to observe all Institute rules and regulations, including those governing student conduct.Non-matriculated/visiting students must satisfy relevant entry requirements.We look forward to seeing your application.

A student who wishes to pursue discrete credit courses for personal enrichment (no examinations or credit is awarded).

If you’re interested in taking a few courses for personal enrichment, but don’t want to complete a degree or credit bearing certificate program, you’re in the right place.Viewournumerous online courses, professional development, career training, certification programs and continuing education courses, choose your best fit and simply complete the Course Registration Form.

Any person who applied for entry into our College Preparatory Program or Associate Degree Program and did not enroll for the semester he/she initially planned to attend, may defer entry to begin another semester within the academic year. A student must complete a Deferred Entry Application if he/she wishes to defer entry to another semester. It is not an automatic procedure.

A student who pursues courses only in the virtual or online platform. Please note that online students must be computer literate, and prior to start of course, have a computer with reliable high-speed Internet access, necessary software, hardware, and operational equipment. Students must also be able to work independently and take initiative.


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Tel: 242-397-6586 | 242-329-1700 | 242-477-2080

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