Dual Enrollment



The Dual Enrollment Program provides the opportunity for qualified seniors students in grades 11- 12 to enroll in college level courses at BAMSI and earn college credit while concurrently satisfying high school graduation requirements. Dual enrollment students may be attending public or private schools. Students enrolled in this program will have access to the same college resources as our full-time students such as e-library, e-books, and online laboratory where applicable.

Who is eligible and how do you apply?


Students interested in applying for this program must apply through their school’s Guidance Counsellor’s office. They must complete the dual enrollment application found in this package or go online at www.bamsibahamas.edu.bs download the application and submit it to their Guidance Counsellor. In order to be considered for dual enrollment student must have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average.

All students MUST submit a form signed by their parents/guardian. NO application will be accepted or processed without this document. Students enrolling in credited courses must pay the applicable application fee. Note that the additional application fee will only be waived for students wishing to register for a certificate course as the application fee is calculated into the overall cost of the programme.

What courses can I take as a dual enrolled student?


There are various courses available for students to take in the dual enrollment program. However, students are encouraged to enroll in courses that would count towards their intended degree at BAMSI. The availability of the courses would depend on the courses scheduled on BAMSI’s regular academic schedule in the Spring and Fall Semesters. Some of the options are as follows:




Principles of Accounting


Leadership Development


Introduction to Psychology




Introduction to Agriculture


Protected Agriculture


Painting I


Drawing I


Methods and Theories of Art History


Survey of Bahamian and Caribbean Art




Students who have obtain BGCSE’s in English, Mathematics or Biology at the time of application may have the opportunity to explore more options.

Students also have the option of enrolling in one of our many short certificate courses. To take advantage of this option students must complete the application form, submit official transcripts from grades 11 and 12, have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average and receive a written recommendation from their high school.

  • Certificate in Agriculture
  • Certificate in Backyard Farming
  • Certificate in Horticulture
  • Certificate in Aquaculture

As with the degree courses, the availability of the courses will depend on BAMSI’s regular schedule of certificate courses during the Spring and Fall semesters.

Students are only allowed to enroll in a maximum of two courses as dual enrollment courses or six credits and or complete one certificate course for duration of the program.


What is the cost of dual enrollment?


Students enrolled in the program would have an opportunity to benefit from not only the opportunity to earn college level credits but at a discounted rate. Courses will be $85.00 per credit.

Students enrolled in the certificate courses will receive a 25% discount on the rate of the certificate courses.

As students enrolled in options would be concurrently enrolled in high school these courses would be administered online. It is therefore essential that all students have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection to be successful.


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