Nature Guide Marine Tours

Nature Guides Marine Tours


The Nature Guide Marine Tours Certificate is program designed to train participants to become marine nature guides to work in the tourism industry.

This course will develop skills:

  • theoretical knowledge and practical application of conducting tours marine based tours
  • recognize and identify common marine invertebrates, fish, algae and coral
  • explore cultural uses of common marine resources
  • gain knowledge of coral reef and mangrove ecosystems
  • understand the importance of monitoring and data collection
  • learn the fundamentals of business

Practical Skills: Snorkeling and Kayaking Tours

Prerequisite: Must be able proficient in swimming


Certification in Advanced Bird Guiding

The Certification in Advanced Bird Guiding is designed to train experienced nature guides to become industry leaders in bird guiding. The program has a strong science component where students gain an understanding of bird biology, behavior, and habitat, as well as conservation efforts in The Bahamas for species and habitats protection and research methodology.

Students would also exit the program with a certificate in Kayaking.

Prerequisite: Basic bird guide training (or equivalent), Bahama Host, EFR or Wilderness Training

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