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November 16, 2023

Palmdale Primary Prefects Plant Fruit Trees

Nassau, Bahamas, November 16th, 2023 – PALMDALE PRIMARY SIXTH GRADE STUDENTS joined the food security dream team on Wednesday to plant avocado and mango trees as part of The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute’s (BAMSI) One-2-One Tree Planting project launched by earlier this year.
The students, all prefects at the school, along with Principal Clinton Josey Sr., and in collaboration with BAMSI Chairman Senator, the Hon. Tyrel Young and the Hon. Jomo Campbell, MP for Centreville and Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, are part of a movement to help grow and support food security and food sustainability in the Bahamas. 
One of the goals of the One-2-One project is to help nurture an awareness amongst the nation’s students of the importance of the agriculture sector and how they can contribute to its development. The tree planting will help the students better understand environmental stewardship, the important role the community can play in strengthening food security in the Bahamas and how small steps, like planting a single tree, is a positive step towards sustainability and empowering food insecure communities. 
In the short term, the tree planting campaign is expected to plant a fruit tree in every community across the Bahamas, from schools, green spaces, and parks. According to Chairman Young, the project will also visit several Family Islands, including Cat Island and Eleuthera. He said further that by the end of the year some 500 fruit trees will have been planted, with the goal being one fruit tree for every Bahamian citizen.Also on hand for the tree planting were sixth grade teachers Diana Curtis and Gabriella Kelson.


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