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September 07, 2021

The Health and Wellness Fitness Program

The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) recently launched a 13-week Health and Wellness Fitness Program for staff.

Along with group exercise, trying out new recipes and sharing weight loss tips, the group also started a competition to see who would lose the most weight. The winner would get the pool.

The weight loss competition was implemented to help employees rid themselves of the excess pounds that may have been gained during the lockdown period. The motivation to return to the size that she was pre-quarantine is what drove Mrs. Sharmaine Griffin, BAMSI’s Assistant Manager, Human Resources Training & Development, to start the program.

Mrs. Griffin shared that the fitness program has influenced her and other group members to stay healthy by encouraging the use of healthy food recipes, make healthy choices when it comes to snacks, using detox drinks to better control calorie intake, and sharing motivational tips with each other via their WhatsApp group chat.

For anyone looking to get started on their own Health and Wellness journey, it is important to just get started. There is never a right or wrong moment to begin. Once you start with the right steps, you will see that you’re already halfway there. When asked how her colleagues received the new mandate, Mrs. Griffin commented that they were very accepting of it. Many of them now limit their sugar intake and while also increasing how much water they drink. They are all just excited about the results they are receiving.

Mrs. Griffin shared that it is important to get cardio in while exercising. Weight loss is considered eighty percent (80%) what we eat and twenty percent (20%) workout. Therefore, if you are having trouble in the beginning getting up and working out simply pay attention to the foods that you eat. Limit the amount of carbs and sugar that you eat. Some great alternatives can be salads, vegan foods, etc. Some advice that she gives to people who are having trouble getting started is to know exactly what you want. Picture yourself how you would want to see you. That should keep you motivated to start your journey.

The competition aspect makes Mrs. Griffin and her colleagues even more committed to the program. Every week each participant gives $10 and at the end of the month, the person with the most progress receives the prize money. Everyone likes to win so it keeps them motivated that one day they will be the next winner. Mrs. Griffin added that she is very happy and excited that the program was implemented and their slogan is “If You Lose, You Win”.

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